1918 Pandemic Influenza Mortality, Chicago USA

Point location and week of epidemic of 8,031 influenza and pneumonia deaths recorded during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic within the city of Chicago and socio-demographic data (including population size, illiteracy, unemployment) of 496 census tracts within the City of Chicago. Data was collected from the 1920 national census and 1920 City of Chicago Department of Health annual report.

Date last modified: 10 Nov 2016

Project Tycho

Project Tycho is a project at the University of Pittsburgh to advance the availability and use of public health data for science and policy making. Currently, the Project Tycho database includes data from all weekly notifiable disease reports for the United States dating back to 1888. These data are freely available to anybody interested. Additional U.S. and international data will be released twice yearly. 

Date last modified: 1 Nov 2016